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Rickey Holt

Fremont, New Hampshire
I am a poet and want the opportunity to read and publish.I am Rickey Holt. I am also Eric Reed Holt, named for the Erica Reed, the first wheat relief ship to sail to Spain during the Spanish Civil War. It sailed in support of the Republicans' struggle against Franco's fascists seven years before I was born. Sometimes I honor that heritage. I am not an academic poet. While first in college I discovered the poetry of Dylan Thomas whose influence survives still in what I write and who has landed me between modern poetry and more metered traditional poetry. Some times I rhyme. My poetry is by no means formal, yet I make use of rhythm and occasionally rhyme to a degree that I find unusual in modern American poetry. Sometimes I am a political poet, some times I am not, and sometimes I remember that the two are often one. I find myself easy to understand and often moving and intense. Others agree. Out of my window in southern New Hampshire when I wrote this I was confronted with endless snow. "The snow continues to cry. / For many days it has tried to cover the world and start again". I have written in Self Portrait with Salt Water that "There is an apple stranded on the beach / waiting for the tide / and the coming of its blossoms.", but I truly believe that my poetry is triumphant in the end. I began writing in a sustained way in 2005 after listening to the Mexican poet Ekiwah Adler-Beléndez, who was 17 at the time. I was 61. My purpose is to connect us all, you and me, and everyone else present.Rickey Holt. April 29, 2015, Fremont, NH.