Tom Howard

I am a poet from North Syracuse, NY, author of the collection Beneath the Big Oaks. I am retired from the Onondaga County Public Library. I am also the author of The Light of Titan, a series of 4 novels about the first artist to travel to the outer solar system. These novels explore our spiritual relationship to the universe, our connections to the endangered life forms on our planet, to life on other worlds, especially Titan. The novels are: Alien Rain, A Seed in the Void, Down to a Sunless Sea, and The Lost Temple in the Woods. I have also written The Great Fair of the Universe, a novel about the 1915 World's Fairs in California, a visionary artist, and the horrors of World War I contrasted with a universe at peace. I have also written The Treasure of Norumbega, a children's novel about Maine in 1632. I used to live in Salem. I plan to publish a chapbook called The Light of Other Worlds.